Eagle Air Dunnage Inflator With Extension Handle

Item# 3800006

The Eagle Air Dunnage Air Inflator With Extension Handle provides an easy-to-use design that helps reach areas that are hard to navigate inside dry van trailers such as around pallets, stacked boxes, or areas limited of space. The Eagle Air Dunnage Inflator is lightweight and extremely durable for a long-lasting design through repetitive usage and is a great alternative to trigger-style airbag inflators.

The Eagle Air Dunnage Bag Inflator provides a fast fill rate with minimal noise and includes a built-in safety mechanism that once the bags have reached the desired psi, will blow the excess air out of the rear of the gun to prevent damage to dunnage bags. The fast fill rate and modulating airflow without a trigger help to make filling airbags quick and easy.

Once you have reached your next location you can use this airbag inflator to deflate the airbags quickly to unload your load as fast and smooth as possible. This inflator is designed to work with all our Level 1 Dunnage Airbags.

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Requires air compressor with airline — NOT included

$45.00 USD