Aluminum Cargo Load Lock with Bolt-on-Hoops Overlength

Item# APLBBH00-112

Adjusts From 96” – 112”
4×4 Rubber Foot Pads will Pivot
Bolt-on Hoops are 1” Steel Tubing

These Aluminum Cargo Load Lock Bars (also called Paddle Bars) are great for helping secure your load and keep it from shifting inside your trailer. The Hoops allow you to hold a larger area in place, great for if you have a bunch of different sized items. These are longer than our other Aluminum Cargo Bars.

The 4×4 rubber swivel foot pads grip the walls of the trailer and the ratcheting mechanism extends the bar to keep it firmly in place. These Aluminum Bars are lighter than the steel bars and easier to maneuver.

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$59.95 USD
$56.95 USD
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