3 Reasons Why You Need E Track

Published on 06/26/19

Have you ever wondered if E Track was right for you? If you have, you have come to the right place because Iʼm here to tell you that E Track is the greatest thing since sliced bread. This may be true and it may not be true, but I guess you will just have to keep reading to find out.

E Track Shelves

3 Reasons Why You Need E Track

Today I would just like to share with you a few ways that E Track can work for you and make your life easier. The following is a list of three reasons that you should use E Track. No matter if you are the professional shipper or a weekend warrior needing to make your securement needs quicker and easier E Track has something to offer to the way you move cargo.

E Track in Pickup Truck

E Track is Versatile

One of the main reasons that E Track is so popular is its versatility. The number of applications for E Track seems to be growing by the second as new people discover the adaptability of it. The most popular uses have historically been by cargo control experts in the back of semis and by moving experts in the back of their vans. These uses still make up the majority of the uses today, but there are many other ways that E Track is being used today that may not have been around previously.

E Track for trailers is one area that comes to mind. Some enclosed trailers are completely outfitted with E Track rails the applications are endless. E Track Rails are installed on the floor, walls, and sometimes ceiling and the trailer becomes like new. Tools that were typically thrown on the floor are now neatly hung on the wall with E Fittings with O Rings, tires that lay on the ground are now strapped securely to the wall, and cars are safely anchored to the trailer with our E Track Car Tie Downs

This is just one example of the expansion of E Track Systems into other areas of interest. Pickup trucks are another example of the versatility of E Track Tie Downs. Contractors and Construction workers can outfit their pickups with E Track Rails to increase their organizational ability and improve their workflow.

Some people are even using E Track around the house in garages and sheds. Garages and sheds have a tendency of becoming a catch-all for junk in most households. This is due to the lack of proper storage space. If there is nowhere to put stuff, the middle of the floor is often the first option. By installing E Track rails in your garage or shed you gain a multitude of opportunities for storage space. Another great way to utilize E Track is by adding multiple layers to your shed or garage.

This can be done by using an E Track Wood Beam Socket to create what some may call E Track Shelving. Using these, boards can be placed in the wood beam sockets to create a second level that can greatly increase the amount of usable space.

E Track in use in Semi Truck

E Track is Extremely Reliable

As mentioned before, E Track is used extensively in the moving and transportation industries. These two industries rely heavily on their equipment to get the job done. When your customers are depending on you to transport their items safely it is important to use reliable equipment. This is why E Track is so popular in these two industries. E Track Straps come in 1 inch and 2-inch sizes so they are able to handle the heavy loads and the lighter loads without causing damage to the cargo.

In the moving industry, users rely on things like E Track Cam Buckle Straps to secure boxes to the wall on a crowded moving truck. The E Track Cam Buckles allow them to quickly secure their cargo without fear of crushing it because Cam Buckles are designed to prevent over-tightening. Cam Buckles has a simple design that works almost exactly like a belt. The Cam Buckle design is much easier to use than a ratchet would typically be. The only concern people have with E Track Cam Buckle Straps is the fact that they are not as strong as Ratchet Straps.

This is true in most cases but our Cam Buckle E Track Straps have a webbing breaking strength of 6,000 pounds and Working Load Limit of 915 pounds. They are weaker than Ratchet Straps by comparison but a closer look reveals that they can hold their own in terms of strength.

The transportation industry is an extremely rugged industry that requires extremely rugged equipment. This is where E Track comes in. E Track Straps are made from a strong polyester material that does not stretch and flex. This webbing is scratch resistant, UV resistant, and water resistant which is ideal for outdoor auto hauling where the straps may be exposed to outside elements for long periods of time. Safety is also very important in the transportation industry. Not just the safety of the drivers, but also the safety of the other people on the road and of the cargo they are transporting. E Track is one way to ensure the safety of all of those things.

E Track installation

E Track is Simple To Use

The third reason that E Track is so popular across so many different industries today is simplicity. The Simplicity of design, simplicity of installation, and simplicity of storage are all important and E Track has all three of those elements. When using other types of cargo securement, there are many different ways to properly secure something.

The different types of hooks and hardware used can be difficult to work with and you may or may not know where to attach the hooks in order to properly secure the cargo. With E Track, simply place the strap around the cargo that you wish to secure and clip the E fittings into the E Track rails. That is it. It really is that simple.

E Track ran along walls

E track for trailers is extremely popular as well. Securing motorcycles, ATVs, and other types of outdoor vehicles is extremely easy when you use E Track. E Track Tire Straps can also be used to keep spare tires secure to the wall to prevent shifting. The great thing about it is that all of the hardware attaches to the E Track rails the same exact way. Whether you are using an O-ring, D-ring, Rope Tie Off, Wood Beam Socket, or Shoring Beam, it all attaches the same way: a simple spring mechanism that locks the load firmly in place. This takes the complexity out of hauling and transporting for those who are not familiar with it or who have not done it before.

With all the talk about the simplicity of E Track, you may think that there would be some loss of functionality but that could not be farther from the truth. It is still one of the best ways to make sure your load arrives at its destination safe and sound. The installation process is extremely simple and this is what really helps add to the overall versatility. All you need to do is measure carefully and make sure you are drilling into the studs and you will be good to go. E Track Rails come in black or galvanized steel and are made from 12 gauge high strength steel. These rails take up very little space but they are more than capable of getting the job done.

Reasons To Buy E Track Systems

E Track with boards

All of these factors make E Track one of the most versatile tools on the market today. Our goal here at Shipperʼs Supplies is to provide you with any securement product you may need and E Track is one of our best selling products.

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