10 Ways to Make Your Next Move Easy!

Published on 01/11/21

Loading a Moving Van for a new house

10 Ways to Make Your Next Move EASY!

Today we will be going over some of the best ways to make your next move across town or across the world easier by following these steps!

When it comes to buying a house or moving into a new apartment there is one thing for certain about moving that remains true. Moving is not fun to do and it can be extremely stressful if you are not prepared. However, being fully prepared of what to expect, what packing materials you actually need, and experience can greatly help make your next move more enjoyable and less dreadful. Let’s begin with 10 easy steps to make your next move easier.

1). Being Prepared
When it comes to moving the number one way to ensure your move is easier is to prepare well in advance of your move-in date if possible. It’s easy to become distracted by a move-in date that is several weeks or in some cases months out. However, you should begin your move sooner than later by deciding how you anticipate moving all of your belongings out of your current living situation and into the new living situation.

You can do this by pre-planning how you will move the heavier objects in the room such as beds, chairs, wooden bookshelves, kitchen tables, desks, or other heavy objects. You will want to make a checklist of things you will need to do before your next move such as purchasing or acquiring moving supplies.

2). Packing Supplies
Packing Supplies can often be one of the biggest difference makers in enjoying your next move or making it so you never want to move again. Some of these packing supplies include Moving Boxes, Moving Blankets, Tie Down Straps, Zip-Lock Bags, Sharpies, Packing Tape, Labels, Appliance Dollies, and Trash Bags to name a few of the most commonly used packing supplies.

A few things you can do to save money on otherwise expensive moving boxes is by joining local Facebook groups in your community and asking friends or other members of your community if they have any extra boxes to spare. This can often save you money as moving boxes that are new can be quite costly and you can play your part in saving the environment by using recycled moving boxes as well.

3). Staying Organized from Start to Finish
Although staying organized doesn’t require a great deal of physical strength to do it is crucial to have to ensure a move is done correctly and made easy. You can stay organized by labeling the outside of the boxes with a sharpie with information such as the name of the room you are moving into and what the boxes include. Bonus points if you also label the area or room they came from so you know what is in each box when it arrives at its new destination as providing you with valuable information if a box is missing or misplaced.

You can also do small steps such as using two trash bags around clothes with hangers to make sure the clothes are ready to be hung up in closets when they arrive. By doing the double trash bag method you simply put a trash bag over the top of the clothes and one coming from the bottom to the top and tied on each end to prevent dust or debris from as well.

Mopping the floor of a new apartment

4). Precleaning
This step may be completely optional and can be very different on every move but if it is at all possible it is important to pre-clean your apartment or house before you move in. It is much easier to clean rooms that are empty compared to cleaning with many different objects such as couches, dressers, or tables that can be in the way. This would also be a good time to determine if you are going to paint rooms, deep clean the flooring, or do any other major changes such as hanging pictures on the walls.

5). Asking for Help from Friends and Family
Moving can be extremely hard both physically and mentally for most average moves. If you’re at all able to ask any friends, family, or even if it comes down to hiring professional movers it may be worth doing so. No matter if it is simply moving boxes out of the old location and into the new location it can be quite the difference-maker during your move.

One thing you should do if you are able to gather a group of friends or family members together to help you with your move is to assign tasks for the friends and family to do. This helps to reduce tasks not becoming done, as well as being able to prevent a lot of friends and family from becoming sidetracked.

6). Packing Boxes Correctly
Packing boxes correctly can be extremely challenging but spending the extra time to make sure you are packing items in boxes to utilize the highest amount of space inside of the boxes can greatly cut down on trips to your new location. This not only saves you time by not taking as many trips but it can save you money in the long end in fuel as well. If you are moving a longer distance this could save you more than someone who is moving a few minutes away from their old location.

7). Creating A Importance Scale for Unpacking
Creating a chart, graph, or list can help you greatly with finding what NEEDS to be done vs something that would be nice to have done in the long run. This can help you focus your time and effort on things that are truly needed during your move in order to be able to live in your new location. Some of the higher-end items on your list should include clothes, food, cookware, and a place to sleep at night to name a few.

Moving Blankets to prevent damage to cargo

8). When it comes time to unpack
Chances are the place you are moving into can be quite different from what you are used to living in. No matter if your new location is larger in size or smaller in size the same rules apply to getting rid of things you don’t see yourself using or needing. This can include anything from old clothes to items that you may have gotten for Christmas and have not used these items in several years. No matter if you give these items away or sell these items online using sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, or Amazon freeing up areas that would otherwise be cluttered with junk can help you greatly in the long end by providing you with more living space.

9). Creating A Move-In Checklist of Things That Need to Be Done
Right before you move in you should ALWAYS create a list of things that are needed to be done in order to fully be completed with your next move. Some of the things on this list should include a change of address, contacting your bills ahead of time to give a move-in date to switch utilities to your name, as well as a grocery list to hold you over until you have time to stock up.

10). Take Breaks Often
One of the best perks of starting early with your move well in advance if you have the chance to do so is the ability to take breaks often. This also helps a lot for those who may have recently purchased their first time house or apartment as well as you may find you need more things than you expect and it can be quite overwhelming. Taking breaks allows you to take a breathe and think about the things you need to purchase to be ready for your home as well as getting everything else in line.