10' Horizontal E-Track

Item# HET

12 guage High Strength Steel
60 E-Fitting Slots
5” Wide by 10’ Long

You can choose from Black Powder Coated or Galvanized Steel.

E-Track is a standard that is used to help manage and secure cargo. It is most common to have it secured to the walls or floors of a trailer. It can be used in a variety of ways. Series E end fittings, beam sockets, decking/shoring beams, E-Track Ratchet Straps, Cam Straps, and Spring E Fittings with D-Rings are just some of the products we can supply to help you with cargo control.

Always ensure that E-Track is installed correctly for your safety.

Quantity of 10 pieces minimum

For smaller quantities, see our 5’ sections of horizontal track.

The 10’ e-track is an over-sized item and cannot be sent standard UPS/FedEx, it must be shipped on a full size truck. Call 1-800-444-0956 for shipping costs.