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Many trucks and trailers are outfitted with e track. This system allows better load configuration and lessens the chance of cargo shifting. E track and e track straps create a more stable interior environment for less load shifts and more security and safety.

E-track is made of high strength, 12 gauge steel and available in either a powder coat finish or a galvanized finish. The most common sizes are 2 foot, 5 foot, 8 foot, and 10 foot sections. E-track is commonly used on trailer walls to provide multiple tie down anchor locations. It can also be installed on the floor. Horizontal e-track along the walls of a truck give you the flexibility to secure the cargo anywhere in the trailer. When used with wood beam sockets, the e track system allow you to build shelves, a platform, or use 2” x 4” lumber as a stabilizer. E-track shoring beams, e-beams, and cargo bars allow you to make temporary barriers between cargo units to save you time and prevent loads from shifting or mixing during transport. Horizontal is the most common style but we also have vertical e track available.